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61105 Rcr 129
Clark, CO 80428

Pearl Lake

Rent our huge Paddleboard, known as the SUPSquatch and paddle out with 7 of your favorite people out onto the lake.  This huge board is great for a picnic on the lake, a floating sundeck, playing king of the board, or just touring the lake.  Makes for a great family outing or bachelorette/bachelor party.

First Hour
Two Hours
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3816 North River Road
Palisade, CO 81526


Experience the Colorado River by floating it with your family or closest friends by booking one of our Huge Paddleboards, affectionately known as a SUPSquatch. This is a 2 hour float down the river and with one SUPSquatch we can accommodate up to 7 people, book both SUPSquatches and 14 of your favorite people can join.  This is a perfect bachelorette or bachelor party float that includes a guide to help you enjoy the float and festivities, safely!  Feel free to bring your own beverages and food and we'll provide everything else.

1 SUPSuatch
Up to 7 people/2 hrs
2 SUPSqutach
Up to 14 people/2 hrs
Book In Palisade

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