Pearl Lake

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61105 Rcr 129
Clark, CO 80428

Paddlebaord adventure company - Pearl Lake Kiosk

Nestled next to Farwell Mountain and with line of sight of Hahns Peak and Sand Mountain, this peaceful lake 40 minutes north of Steamboat, past Clark has become one of our favorite sports to paddleboard and  kayak.

Our kiosk is located at the old boat ramp, a short walk down a path from the current boat ramp.  Or, park in the lot above us and walk down to our little oasis overlooking the lake.  Several signs are located in the park to help you find your way to us.

We carry several brands of boards, inflatable and rigid; plus, several kayaks, canoe, and a SUPSquatch.  Being a popular spot, it's a great idea to book online what you want ahead of your visit.  If you don't have a reservation and come up on a whim, you usually don't have to wait longer than 30 minutes.  Be sure to grab one of the delicious sandwiches at the Clark Store on your way up to Pearl Lake to help pass the time.  

Cash is preferred.  CC fees apply to all charges over $40

At our Pearl Lake location you can:

  • Rent Paddleboards
  • Rent Single Kayaks
  • Rent Canoes
  • Rent Double Kayaks
  • Rent the SUPSquatch

Rent our huge Paddleboard, known as the SUPSquatch and paddle out with 7 of your favorite people out onto the lake. This huge board is great for a picnic on the lake, a floating sundeck, playing king of the board, or just touring the lake. Makes for a great family outing or bachelorette/bachelor party

Our Merry Crew of Amigos