NAMASTE in a new way

The benefits of yoga are widely known, but we challenge you to get on a paddleboard and off the mat; get out onto the water and away from the sweaty studio. Yoga and paddleboarding help with core strength and balance and when combined; the overall benefit of enhancing your yoga practice while offering the perfect blend of body and nature. You will be nicely challenged to better your yoga as you float out on Pearl Lake. You may get wet, but as you progress, you'll gain a personal sense of satisfaction as you become more confident in your poses while floating on water!

Each class will be suited for the various levels of yoga experience and paddleboard experience. As the class progresses, the instructors will lead in a way that you are challenged to become more confident in combining both paddleboard and yoga.

Our classes combine beginners and intermediates whether it be on a paddleboard or in yoga, or both!  "Never evers" plus those who practice yoga or have experience paddleboarding can find something right for them. Since we're combining the two you'll have twice the fun."

Yoga at Pearl begins Saturday, June 9th.  We will offer a class every Wednesday and Saturday from June 9th-Sept 1, 2018* from 8:30-9:50                                  *no yoga scheduled June 13